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Tasha Moore Wright


About Me

Hello, I am Tasha Moore-Wright.  A New Orleans native.  Despite growing up in some of New Orleans most impoverished areas and experiencing life’s unexpected challenges, I've earned a Professional Master Cosmetology License, an Associates degree in Business Studies, Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Human Services/ Health and Wellness.  Inspired by overcoming major life obstacles, I discovered my true strength and passion to help others which led me to become a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapist and Certified Professional Life Coach. It's a mouth full, I know! But all of these accomplishments happened because I never gave up!


Over 20 years, I  worked as a Professional Cosmetologist while exploring other educational and career options. As a Licensed cosmetologist, I had  the opportunity to enhance my clients outer beauty as well as provide emotional support through compassionate listening. Recognizing how much I loved helping others see their true beauty and potential, I became even more excited about my career as a certified professional life coach. I believe that although life can bring many challenges those challenges serve as windows and doors to new opportunities.  I am grateful that I know my ultimate purpose is  to help others advance to their highest potential by discovering their role in life's endless possibilities.


I firmly believe life is an educational journey. Therefore, instead of viewing obstacles negatively, we can view them as lessons to sharpen our skill at living life. Life is a rewarding experience, however, there are moments in life where we need someone to remind us how rewarding life can be.  We began to enhance our lives when we recognize life rewards. It is like receiving a "Life Makeover!".


My experiences have always been my motivation and I love sharing with others how to do the same. I was so inspired to shared that I penned an inspirational story that recounts the trials, as well as the countless lessons I learned growing up in New Orleans. The story “Black does Crack: Story of a Crescent City Flower” is one of strength, faith, perseverance, determination, and resilience. I  penned this story with hopes of inspiring and encouraging someone to never give up on their dream of living a confident, purposeful, and happy life.


What is Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a profession based on the methodology that every individual has the ability to overcome any obstacle by discovering their own strengths and abilities. Life coaching is a non-judgmental, empathy centered profession that aims to empower, guide, and help individuals reach their personal goals. Life coaching aims to help individuals find clarity and confidence to identify and remove any blocks that may be in the way of a balanced and purposeful life.


What does a life coach do?

A Life Coach provides a safe space for you to explore your life experiences and make conscious and purposeful changes needed for you to move forward. A life coach partners with their clients to achieve the life they truly desire. A Life Coach will help you:

  • Identify

  • Discover

  • Dissolve,

  • Take Action,

  • Monitor and Evaluate

Is Life Coaching  for me?

If you feel like your life is on pause and you can't seem to figure out how to get moving again, then life coaching may be right for you. Life coaching can help you identify what's holding you back and help you create the life you truly desire.

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